N-Pentane manufacturer

N Pentane Suppliers & Manufacturers in India, UAE

N Pentane Suppliers & Manufacturers in India, UAE

N-Pentane is colourless with a very nominal odour and high volatility due to its narrow boiling range. (Iso-Pentane supplier in Dubai) It is used principally as a blowing agent in foam production, as a propellant in aerosols and as reaction media for polymerization processes. N-Pentane is used as blowing agent for the production of polyurethane foams. The foam which can be used for insulating household and commercial appliances, refrigerators and cooling containers, in the construction area as boards and sandwich panels, in pipes, etc..

To meet these customers and market requirements, a Pentane grade appropriate to the particular polyurethane system is required for each individual application. Pentane has multiple uses. It is also used –

  • As crackers,
  • By pharmaceutical industries,
  • In Geothermal plants,
  • In manufacturing of detergents, etc.

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