Iso- Pentane Manufacturer, Supplier In India, UAE

ISO Pentane Suppliers and Manufacturers in India & Dubai

ISO Pentane Suppliers and Manufacturers in India & Dubai

It is among the lowest boiling hydrocarbon liquids and hence it evaporates at a very high rate. It is used principally as a blowing agent in foam production, and as a catalyst in Geo Thermal Plants, Pharma Industry, as a propellant in aerosols and as reaction media for polymerization processes.

A blowing agent properly formulated for a specific application is a key requirement for our customers to maximize the thermal and physical product characteristics. Pentane are complex in their composition. Each one has to meet stringent environmental and safety requirements, whilst providing high performance at stable processing conditions.

Our Iso-Pentane is available in various purities Ranging from 50% to 99%min.

Along with this we provide the blends of CPIP 60:40/ 70:30 / 75:25 / 80:20 (Cyclopentane:Isopentane)

The blends can be customised as per customer’s requirement.

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ISOPentane Manufacturers and Suppliers in Dubai, UAE, India, China, Korea, Bangladesh, Turkey