storage and handling

Storage And Handling

Storage And Handling

Our team provides guidance and training for the storage and handling of petrochemicals to various industries using Hydrocarbon solvents in their processing.

There is huge growth in the Hydrocarbon industry in India from the last 15 years and still, there are very few agencies for providing storage and handling tranning programs in industries.

To ensure 100% safety we provide complete guidance and training/induction programs to each and every staff of the company to ensure everyone is well aware of Dos and Don’ts with the handling of petrochemicals.

We also provide training of the handing accidents and how to respond in case of emergency.

Our expert team also share the guidance on improving safety and providing safety equipment to ensure zero risks.

Proper handling of Hydrocarbons is very important as mishandling and unawareness about the nature of petrochemicals lead to accidents!

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