Tank Farm On Daily Rental

Tank Farm On Daily Rental

Tank Farm On Daily Rental

We provide storage tanks on daily as well as the monthly rental basis for the storage of any hydrocarbons, Solvents like Hexane, Benzene, Toulene, Naphtha, MTO, Methenol, etc.

We provide the tank farm for material as low as 1KL to 500KL storage near JNPT port to ensure time and inland transport saving

Our Tank farm on rental enables Importers and Exporters to order in bulk quantity to save of product cost and use our storage to keep the material and later the material can be re-exported or can be used within the land.

Our SCU (Small consumer Unit) is Specially designed considering the customers ordering the products in Drums / Barrel.
The SCU helps customer’s to order in Bulk in Iso Tanks or Flexi Packing and can use our SCU to re-pack the material in Drums / Barrels as per the requirement.

Our Key point is helping Small importer and exporter to use our storage for as low as one container with no Commitment and no long term contract.

Now Don’t need to take the container to your factory.
No more responsibility to return the container on time on port.

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