Storage Tanks

Storage Tanks

Storage Tanks

We provide storage tanks and fittings for storage of hydrocarbons like Pentane, Cyclopentane, Hexane, Benzene, Etc.

We provide the tanks as well as a complete storage unit with pump motor, unloading, and charging outlet along with all the fittings ready to use the unit.

To cater industry completely we have small units to unload drums to avoid evaporation loss, high risk of spilling and mishandling which is the main cause of an accident in the Hydrocarbon industry.

These units are specially designed considering –

  • EPS(Expandable Polystyrene) Industry
  • PU Foam (polyurethane) Industry
  • Cosmetic Industry with 5KL tanks
  • Pharma Industry
  • Refrigeration Industry
  • Sandwich Panel Manufacturing process.
  • Rubber and Leather Industry.
  • Paint Industry.
  • Drum Unloading Unit / Small Consumer Unit (SCU).

Our units can be used for underground storage or above-ground storage. The material of construction varies from Stainless Steel to Mineral Steel as per customers’ requirements.

All our tanks are constructed under expert guidance.

The tanks and fittings are PESO approved to ensure the safety of installations as well as the employee. Safety equipment is provided in the complete units and the same can be provided with tanks on request.

The tanks proved from our side are galvanized / Epoxy Coated to ensure zero contamination and rusting from inside. We do provide the FRP coating on tanks from outside to increase the life of the tanks.
Complete storage units are available in horizontal as well as vertical placement.

Storage Units from 1KL to 250KL can be provided as per customer requirements.

Our team understands the project and guides for the best suitable solutions to ensure the right selection of unit to obtain better performance and cost-effective solutions.

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